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TIC Support offers technical support for the following systems.

PLC Systems

Looking for a reliable PLC? Toshiba have been making PLCs for many years. Some installations are still operating after over 30 years of service!

DCS Systems

Toshiba have been in the business of DCS Controllers for over 40 years. The current range will handle up to 20,000 process tags. You can start small and build up to a larger system using the same architecture and tools.

Legacy Systems

If you recognise any of these:
EX20, EX40, EX100, EX250, M20/40, T1, T2, DPCS, PCS, T215D, EC320/1, S2E, S2T, T3, OIS2000, OIS4000, OIS5000, OIS6000... You need to upgrade now!

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