Type 1 light S (PUM11) System

Toshiba have been making PLCs for decades. The current offerings have been rationalised into the NV range. The entry system consists of the NV type 1 light.

These controllers are available in a range of options for a variety of process control applications

The type 1 light offers:

  • World-standard High-speed I/O system
  • Enhanced System Availability
  • Innovative design
  • Options for migration

This range is sub-divided into three processor variants:

Type 1 light S (PUM11)

The type1 light S CPU mounts in a standard V2000 I/O rack (3 I/O, 5 I/O or 8 I/O racks are available). It can replace a S2E module. The type1 light S does not support racks with station bus, or I/O modules that require a station bus.

Type 1 light H (PUM12)

The Unified Controller nv series TC-net I/O is built-in to the type1 light H CPU. It can be applied to I/O systems to provide enhanced performance. The master station, built into the CPU module, enables direct connection of the TC-net I/O loop. A 4 km-long remote I/O system than can be installed at low cost. The connected I/O can be selected from Integrated Controller V2000 series I/O (G2 I/O) or Unified Controller nv series TC-net I/O

Type 1 light D (PUM14)

The type1 light D CPU supports redundancy. Redundancy enables greater productivity by providing the highest system availability. With a program capacity of 128K steps and the ability to connect up to 192 I/O modules, the type1 light D is ideal for critical medium and large-scale systems. The module can also be used in a single module configuration.

For details of the larger NV Type 1 PLC range, please contact.